Elaine Igoe



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With contributions from Prof Tom Fisher (Nottingham Trent), Dr Elena Carratti and Daniela Calabi (Polimi, Italy), Dr Rose Sinclair (Goldsmiths), Dr Marion Lean (DCMS, UK Government), A.Prof Marianne Fairbanks (Wisconsin-Madison), A.Prof Mark Roxburgh (Uni of Newcastle, Australia)

Guest Editorial
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Conference Paper
Igoe, E. (2018) Change matters: theories of postdigital textiles and material design in Proceedings of DRS 2018 International Conference: Catalyst. C. Storni, K. Leahy, M. McMahon, P. Lloyd & E. Bohemia (eds.). Design Research Society, p. 1787-1799

Website Review
Igoe, E. (2015) Review: Craft of Use in Journal of Textile, Design Research and Practice, 2:2, p. 215-219

Book Review
Igoe, E. (2013) Review: The Textile Reader by Jessica Hemmings (ed.) in Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture, 11:1, p. 110-112

Phd Thesis
Igoe, E. (2013) In Textasis: Matrixial Narratives of Textile Design. Royal College of Art, London.
Using an autoethnographic approach and feminist research methods, this work uses practice, conversation and narrative to articulate the cognitive processes of textile design. It contributes to an understanding of ‘textile thinking’ and situates textile practice against established theories of design research.

Journal Article
Igoe, E. (2010). The tacit-turn: textile design in design research. Duck Journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design , 1, p. 1-11